Front yard and photo by Brad Huff
Welcome to
 the Writing Life
The love of words,
how they come unbidden then
the puzzle of how best to put them together,
the joy of polishing them on the page,
defines living the word...
the power of words.
“The Frugal Writer”
I spare my words;
I spare my ink,
but spoil myself
with time to think.
  1. Books at Amazon
    Get Rich,Stay Rich; Processing Loss Workbook; Housekeeping; Making Mud Angels: Winning Strategies for Tough Times; The Perks of Aging, Fifty Shades of Graying: Love, Romance, & Sex After Fifty; Kitten Love: The Trilogy; Last Duets; The Soloists, Successful Risk Taker, and Gratitude.
  2. Blogs
    I opened my blog to contributions about the joys of getting older, and that turned into an eBook of the same name--Fifty Shades of Graying: Love, Romance, and Sex After Fifty. My new writing blog will be used in the same way. Submit to my next eBook at
  3. Classes
    I teach a full spectrum of onsite and online writing classes, including how to improve skills, how to master specific genres like Novel Writing or Humor, and how to market and sell written works. Request a current flyer each quarter at
  4. Website Host
    At Northwest Prime Time, I accept submissions of poems for Poetry Corner and stories, poems, or essays for Sharing Stories, a segment on the LOCAL page of the publication's website. Send work to be considered to
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Classes, Groups, and Workshops
  1. You're in Charge: PODs, Blogs, & eBooks @ Everett CC
    8/6 10 am- 2 pm Saturday
    Learn about digital publishing. Tips and resources help students spend little, earn well. Call Everett Community College 425-267-0150 to register. This class is at the Seaway Boulevard Continuing Education location.
  2. Get Rich, $tay Rich at Shoreline Community College
    7/12-8/2 6-8:30 pm 4 Tuesdays
    Get Rich, $tay Rich Make money your friend & servant. Learn simple ways to become the richest person you know. This easy class is a step-by-step guide to bettering your life & circumstances—a Money Makeover. Wealth is within your grasp. . Call 206-533-6706 to register. $34.00 HUGE BARGAIN for TEN class hours!!!
  3. Write About Your Life @ Cascadia Community College
    7/13-8/3 6:30- 8:00pm 4 Weds
    Magazine editors & book publishers agree: The hottest trend these days is the telling of personal experiences. Learn how to access & format your memories & experiences for the purpose of creating articles, books, & souvenir memoirs for cash &/ or for friends and family. Instructor has helped hundreds of students and clients complete life stories of all kinds. Call 425-267-0150 to register. $99